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Feeling ugly? Feeling unworthy? Feeling down because of your physical appearance? Someone said something not so nice? Crying over your shrimp?

Yeah, fuck all that.

Humans are born with the urge to express their opinions and propositions. Being judgemental is a variable that made humans survive back in the good ol’ neolithic days. ‘’hey, bro, how about this agricultural development? I think it’s better than moving around hunting jack shit and dying. Or do you think otherwise?’’ Said one 11000 BC human to the other.

But now, this urge to share opinions with literally anyone who unfortunately has ears to listen and eyes to read is unbelievable. (not so) Suprisingly, unwanted opinions are the most popular. Why share something uninteresting and negative just to blare on and on about one minor thing in your life. Yeah, lets share just that then! Man, if you have nothing good to say just shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear what you think of your nephew’s piercing, Steven, go suck a dick.

Obviously, the internet (such a lovely place, such a lovely face) highly escalates the sharing of bullshit. You know, people have always been stupid and have always done stupid things. The internet just helps my generation share their dumb opinions. Bullying on easy mode, attention whoring, and hypocritical texts like this one are the result.

Who cares how you look and what people thinks of you? The only opinion that should matter to someone is their own. You’re the one who owns your body and decides how it looks. You are who you are, and you sure don’t need anybody else telling you how to do/look/feel. And if you don’t like who you are, fucking change. Fuck you. 

Why care how someone you know or don’t even know resembles themselves? I sure don’t. Black, white, or yellow? Bitch be blue and I’m still minding my own business. Gay, straight, or both? Might as well fuck a microwave and I’m still smiling. Female, male, or whatever you feel like today? Yeah. Don’t give a fuck. As long as you enjoy yourself, right? Shaming people with unwanted opinions because of who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world is fucking gross. Grow up, it’s 2018, ya cunt. 

So. See this as pure irritation or as a motivational speech.

Along the lines of this I give you; the UGLY MIRROR. You decide who you are and who you want to be. Take a good look at the UGLY MIRROR and you might catch glimpse of someone beautiful (or not). You feeling ugly? Fine. Feeling cute? Fine. Feeling disgusting? Fine. Feeling beautiful? Fine. 

UGLY MIRROR don’t give a damn. Neither should you.

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