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What is art? Baby. Don’t hurt me.

A better question is; what defines art? What makes something art? And, when and why is something considered art?

A discussion which fascinates me.

The subject alone is to be considered controversial. Everything about it was and still is being debated. Some feisty smart asses even discuss the philosophical usefulness of the question alone.

Can art even be defined?

The term ‘art’ is very flexible. Historical accuracy, location, cultural preference, and personal preference all play important roles.

Art can be aggressive, loving, stupid, rock-hard, naïve, endearing, effortful, stiff, rigid, tiring, my dick on a stick put under a glass dome, hairy, alluring, subjective, problematic, irritating, etc. Everything has the potential to become art.

What is art? Can it be defined? An ambitious, arguable question indeed.

After having done research on the topic, I still cannot draw a single conclusion. But one thing amongst all variables stood out to me though.

Art. That shit pricy.

Can you turn trash into art and sell it for a fortune after doing something bold to it which turns crap into ‘art’? Well, yes.

Introducing AXE INCLUDED.

Sometimes, a man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do (for culture, ey). For me, this was slamming a 17,5 inch, carbon steel axe into one of my tables. A table designed with great passion and care, beloved by its creator.

‘’Then why slam an axe into it?’’

Ah, good question.

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