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Chaos and intensity in a digital society.


Memes are viewed millions of times a day on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. A Meme most often describes a certain joke, which finds its origin inside or outside the internet. For a layman, Memes, and the specific humorous characteristics of which, are hard to grasp. Thousands of new Memes are produced every single day by anonymous individuals on the internet. All objects and items have the potential to one day become a Meme. They spread themselves like fire in a forest, because everyone can view and share them instantly on their smartphones. These internet jokes, which ones started simple and delicate, have developed themselves into totally abstract images, and too specific humour. They are often presented in an explosive chaos for your senses.

Art has been through lots of changes. First, the main focus of art was on precision and skill. Nowadays, people look further than realistic imagery. A lot of artist have been denied by the art scene. More often than not, they would be humiliated and cast off when they came up with something new. For example; abstract art wasn’t even considered art at first and was ridiculed. The works of those artists would be re-discovered years later. Only then would they be praised as pioneers of a new artistic trend.


Thinking of this process and how it moves on a historic scale, the Meme Museum introduces a new artistic movement. Something that will probably be thrown away as ridiculous at first. And that is exactly the point. The brothers Koen en Stijn Van Eeckhoutte chose a topic which fascinates the both of them. Something they take out of your smartphone and show to the world as if it had, only after their death, been found and put on a museum wall. 

This new movement is called Memeïsm. An artistic movement based on the abstract elements on style provided in the Memes of today. Memeïsm is a style that marks the speed of our modern society influenced by the internet, in which the chaos and intensity of living in a digital world are expressed vividly. Works within this movement are made from random images found on the internet, put into a bomb of commotion in the form of a collage. The classical brush and paint have been replaced by the touchpad and pixels. 

With the four presented artworks, the brothers Van Eeckhoutte start the fundamentals of Memeïsm. A renewal of high arts. The Meme Museum.

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