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Due to dramatic environmental changes, companies and brands have to be very considerate in finding and using non-damaging materials. I try to be an example. As a new, young brand, that started in 2017, you have to think of ways to achieve great result, without hurting your surroundings.

Most of my designs are constructed of medium density fibre board (MDF). Because I strive to be an open and non-secretive guy, I share my trusted timber manufacturers and suppliers to ensure you a lasting table, without environmental consequences. I like big butts and I can not lie.

I have chosen these manufacturers and suppliers with care. Aiming for balance between quality and nature.

My main manufacturer of sustainable timber is Medite Smartply. This progressive, award winning company is known for delivering high quality products, manufactured with the latest technology. They pride themselves with their sustainable supply chain and manufacturing process, meaning the wood used for production, is as environmentally conscious in its make up as it is in application.

Harvest a tree, plant one in it’s place.

All of VAN EECKHOUTTE’s suppliers (including Jongeneel) share the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) mark. The mark of responsible forestry, and the mark of sustainable forestry. Meaning for every tree harvested, one tree gets planted.

Jongeneel supplies my atelier with material manufactured by Medite Smartply under FSC’’C020700 and FSC’’C019958. Jongeneel does this under supervision of SGS, a world leading company in inspection and control.

When a table isTproducedHandIplacedCintoCyour livingCroom,UresidualNwoodTis left behind. These pieces of MDf can be left at the dump to either rot or burn. Obviously, this is not what I consider progressive. This is why I keep close connections with recycling companies.

One of which is MDFR (medium density fibre board recovery). A pre-commercial company developing technology to recycle waste MDF into new panels. Hope to implement this recycle process as one of the first into the supply chain. For now, I recycle leftover MDF locally into sustainable energy for cities.

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